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Public Engagement with Science course has begun!

Promotional image for the University of Cincinnati’s “Public Engagement with Science” course

Public Engagement with Science is a new graduate course running this Spring! This UC course, offered as either a Natural Sciences or Humanities credit, brings together graduate students across diverse disciplines in a joint effort to better communicate science to the public.

But who is the public? Aren’t scientists part of the public? What are the best ways to engage people in the scientific process? What can scientists learn from non-scientists? These questions are central to the course.

In addition to diving into these puzzles, there will also be opportunities for real-life science engagement at institutions right here in Cincinnati, like the Cincinnati Museum Center. The heart of the course is a group public engagement project directed by the students themselves. This course is being taught by the leaders of the Center for Public Engagement with Science, Dr. Angela Potochnik and Dr. Melissa Jacquart.

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