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Community Partners Panel

Brenda Hunda, Amy Hunter, and Curtis Webb, who participated in a community panel during the Public Engagement with Science course this week.

Thank you to Brenda Hunda, Amy Hunter, and Curtis Webb for joining the Public Engagement with Science class last week! Brenda talked with us about her work at the Cincinnati Museum Center and reminded us the importance of meeting an audience where they are and connecting to their lives. Amy talked about the founding of the Mercantile Library and its goal of providing education to people who do not otherwise have access to it. Curtis discussed activities of the Cincinnati Project, including one on women of color in Cincinnati, and another on evictions. Other topics of discussion included public access to information, reaching families rather that just individuals, and learning through play. The class was encouraged to be flexible and make sure that outreach is alway accessible to everyone. This was a great way for the students to connect with potential project partners!

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