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Affiliate Spotlight: Dr. Brooke Crowley

Dr. Brooke Crowley

This week we are spotlighting Center Affiliate Dr. Brooke Crowley! As an Associate Professor in the Departments of Geology and Anthropology here at UC, Dr. Crowley investigates ecological interactions among living and recently extinct animals (including humans) using stable isotope biogeochemistry. Dr. Crowley also engages in various public-facing activities that connect directly to our Cincinnati community. Last Fall, she appeared in a Science Around Cincy video. Science Around Cincy, another Center partner, is a great way to connect kids (and adults!) in the area to local scientific endeavors. In that video Dr. Crowley talked about being a “chemistry detective,” studying the past and present animal life of Madagascar. Also in the Fall, Dr. Crowley was interviewed by Cincinnati Public radio about her work tracking jaguars in Belize. In addition, she took part in one of the Science and Nature talks on climate change, co-sponsored by the Center, at the Mercantile Library. Dr. Crowley has a lot of public engagement coming up as well including a presentation on bones at the EICK Global STEM Academy, a climate change talk at the semi-annual Friends of Big Bone meeting, and participating in the redesign of the Ice Age exhibit at the Cincinnati Museum Center. To keep up with all of Dr. Crowley’s activities check out her website at

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