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Philosophers of Science as a Part of Engaging the Public in Science

Associate Director of the Center for Public Engagement with Science Dr. Melissa Jacquart presented a poster during the Public Engagement with Science conference (PEwS) this week. She discussed a NSF-funded workshop to be hosted by the Center for Public Engagement scheduled for May 2021. This three-day workshop will focus on the role of philosophers of science in science outreach, and will cover science communication, formal education, informal educations, and working with communities. It will also provide hands-on experience and training with each topic. The goal will also be to create a “beginners guide” to engaging the public with science. 

The conference this week that Jacquart is participating in is being hosted by Michigan State University.  

Click here to view a full version of Dr. Jacquart’s poster, as well as her explanation of the workshop.

Poster presented at a recent conference about the role of philosophy in public engagement with science

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