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PEWS Interdisciplinary Sustainability R&D Group – Spring 2022 Review

When someone mentions sustainability research, most people immediately think about engineering, environmental conservation, and other hard sciences. But so far, our group has welcomed scholars from the departments of English, Geology, Public Planning, Philosophy, Romance Languages and Literature, Physics, and Anthropology. United by an interest in research and sustainability, each member brings different skills, strengths, and perspectives to the table. This shows there is a need to invite voices from across the disciplinary spectrum to discussions and research plans surrounding sustainability. 

Our goal is to nurture opportunities for the upcoming generation of interdisciplinary researchers to come together in meaningful, productive discussions and mutual support. So far this semester, we’ve done this in the following ways:

Get Involved!

Summer break brings warm temperatures and schedule changes, but that doesn’t mean we can’t continue our critical engagements and inquiries! The Interdisciplinary Sustainability Research group will be meeting once a month over the summer and research-minded students from across UC (including undergrads!) are invited to join us.

In addition to continuing to develop our research skills and preparedness, we’ll be spending time outdoors to enjoy the natural world that encourages our commitment to sustainability. If you’re interested in joining us and haven’t already filled out the contact sheet, please fill that out here. Anyone interested in meeting should also fill out this schedule coordinator so we can arrange the most convenient day and time for us to meet. 

This group is supported by PEWS Sustainability. PEWS Sustainability is an initiative to: highlight sustainability research at UC, support community partnerships with sustainability goals, host public-facing events about sustainability. This is initiative is funded by the Research 2030 Initiative of the UC Office of Research.

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