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Bioethics with Bigger Impact: February 7th

Please join us for the next virtual event in the “Bioethics with Bigger Impact” series on February 7th 2-3pm Eastern time to discuss “Unpacking Neglected Social Factors to Ensure Impact” in healthcare and bioethics.

Transformational Justice, Social Determinants of Health

It is imperative to understand the social and ethical roots of our present conversations about health inequalities in order to partner effectively with the public, researchers, and policymakers for real impact. Since its inception, the field of bioethics has investigated the core concepts of justice and equity and considerations of social and political context. The panelists in this session push that conversation forward in important ways.

Georgina Campelia from the University of Washington and Holly Vo from Seattle Children’s Hospital will talk about a reorientation in clinical ethics toward transformative justice. Gail Henderson from the University of North Carolina will advocate for a broader understanding of and engagement with social determinants of health within bioethics. Finally, Jennifer James from the University of San Francisco will moderate the discussion, bringing expertise that bridges justice and social determinants in health through her work and experience.

Please join us for this boundary-pushing conversation. This event is free and open to all audiences. We look forward to a lively conversation among attendees from a wide range of backgrounds and interests. Please follow this link to register and also to receive information about the forthcoming events in the Bioethics with Bigger Impact series.

For those who cannot attend live, recordings of the talks will also be hosted on the PEWS YouTube Channel, with additional accessibility features including closed captioning.

The Bioethics with Bigger Impact Series

The Bioethics With Bigger Impact Series stems from a symposium in Perspectives in Biology and Medicine, co-edited by PEWS Faculty Affiliate Elizabeth Lanphier, along with her colleague and mentor Larry Churchill. The essays in the symposium ask how scholarly contributions of bioethics and bioethicists could be made more relevant to public policy, to health and technological innovation, and to the public at large. The symposium is particularly focused on how bioethics can be put to work on the most pressing issues of our time, including climate change, global pandemics like COVID-19, and the necessary ongoing work of anti-racism, all of which crucially impact health and equity.

Because of the focus on how bioethics can have a bigger impact outside of academia, Lanphier and Churchill felt it was important to hold conversations with broader audiences, creating opportunities for people with different backgrounds and interests to gather together, to listen, to ask, and to discuss. From this emerges the Bioethics with Bigger Impact series, in partnership with the journal Perspectives in Biology and Medicine and Johns Hopkins University Press, hosted by the Hastings Center, and cosponsored by the University of Cincinnati Center for Public Engagement with Science (PEWS) and the Institute for Philosophy and Public Policy, along with several bioethics centers from around the country. The series brings together symposium authors and additional experts doing cutting-edge work in bioethics to impact health and healthcare well beyond the academy.

If you missed the first event, “Communicating Ethics Challenges in Crises,” you can view a video of the discussion on the PEWS YouTube channel here. Finally, stay tuned for a third event coming up this spring! The third panel discussion will focus on bioethical engagement with climate change and the environment.

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