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5th Graders Visit UC

In March, PEWS organized a day-long visit to the University of Cincinnati for 5th grade students attending Clifton Area Neighborhood School, so the students could get a taste for what college in general, and UC in particular, have to offer.

Clifton Area Neighborhood School, or CANS, is an elementary school run by Cincinnati Public Schools, located near University of Cincinnati’s main campus. There are several partnership initiatives between CANS and UC, spanning multiple colleges at UC. The aim of this visit was to pilot campus visits for elementary students before they are asked to make decisions about which high school to attend, which for CPS students happens during 6th grade.

The 5th graders and their teachers, together with UC students who volunteer regularly in the 5th grade classes, visited the Biology Department to discuss biodiversity, a main topic in the 5th graders’ curriculum this year, and to learn about what you can study and potential careers related to biology. Lucinda Lawson, PEWS Faculty Affiliate Takuya Konishi, and other biology faculty led that discussion.

Students were also hosted by the Center for Inclusive Excellence & Community Engagement (directed by Assistant Dean and PEWS Faculty Affiliate Whitney Gaskins) in the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences to discuss what engineering is and compete in building the most structurally sound bridges possible… out of gumdrops.

The day was capped off with lunch and a walk around campus with the Office of Admissions’ Community Outreach, Access & Diversity.

We look forward to expanding to host CANS 5th and 6th graders next year!

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