Public Engagement with Science Workshop
Interdisciplinary workshop bringing together academics and practitioners to further theoretical and practical resources for public outreach and engagement about science. The aim is to (1) develop connections between philosophy of science and other disciplines with expertise in public engagement and (2) identify and help develop distinctive roles for philosophers of science in the interdisciplinary project of engaging the public with science.


Research and Discussion Group
Interdisciplinary group of UC researchers that meets regularly to discuss topics related to public engagement in science and to further develop the UC research community focused on this important topic.

Mercantile Library Science Talks
Annual talks organized with the Mercantile Library on inspiring and important scientific themes, such as how paleontology helps us appreciate how radically different the world around us has been and could be (The Marsupial Bulldog’s Tale, 2018), how climate change will impact our city (Climate Change/Cincinnati , 2019), and how a historical and social lens casts new light on genomics and epigenetics (coming soon).

How Science Works Undergraduate Course
Undergraduate course satisfying natural sciences and quantitative reasoning general education requirements that engages deeply with the nature of scientific methods and scientific reasoning, teaching science majors and business majors alike (and others from across the university) to ask deep questions about science and its relationship to our daily life. Initial research underway to assess the impact of this course on students’ understanding of science.

Public Engagement with Science Graduate Course
Graduate course piloted in Spring Semester 2020 that takes an interdisciplinary approach to teaching the presentation of science to public audiences in a variety of venues. The course will draw significantly on philosophy of science contributions to understanding the nature of science and its relationship to society. Students will work in interdisciplinary teams to develop projects for public engagement, to be carried out in local and regional venues. 

Faculty Affiliate Individual Projects
Public-facing presentations and writing, increasing the visibility of socially engagement in a variety of relevant disciplines, interdisciplinary work on scientific methods and reasoning, etc.