Research and Discussion Group

This interdisciplinary group meet weekly to discuss papers and projects that bear on public engagement with science, broadly constrained. This is an opportunity for UC researchers to explore how their work and field bear on public engagement with science, to learn more about resources from other fields, and to collaboratively develop a research community focused on public engagement with science.

Starting in Fall 2023, R & D will be offered as a one credit undergraduate (HUM4001) and graduate (HUM7001) student course in both the fall and spring semesters.

Recent R&D topics have included rethinking the deficit model with the help of pedagogical theories, vaccine hesitancy, community science in Appalachia, and more.

Members from the group also sometimes collaborate on research projects. A group led by Lucas Dunlap has investigated how to best conceptualize of the range of participatory research projects. A group led by Melissa Jacquart is investigating how learner-centered pedagogy applies to science engagement and education contexts.