Sustainability Education

Dr. Andrew Bernier is working with Jess Roncker, one of the PEWS Sustainability fellows, to develop resources for sustainability education at UC, in partnership with local K-12 educators and the broader environmental education community in Greater Cincinnati. UC’s School of Education, as the largest teacher prep and credentialing program in the region, makes it the perfect location for innovative teaching methods that help answer the questions: What does a culture of sustainability within education look like? How do we cultivate instructional styles that encourage stronger project, problem, and place-based learning around sustainability? What sustainability competencies meet the needs of students and the needs of the community? This project is part of a larger University initiative to streamline and grow its sustainability programs and aims to work across colleges and disciplines to develop stronger relationships around education for urban sustainability on- and off-campus.

Climate Equity in Cincinnati

Dr. Carlie Trott’s is working to build on the Cincinnati Climate Equity Indicators Report produced by her team in 2021. The report provides the City of Cincinnati offices and sustainability- and justice-oriented organizations with information on indicators of sensitivity and adaptive capacity in the context of the climate crisis and compiles demographic, environmental, health outcome, economic, and planning indicators for all 52 Cincinnati neighborhoods. In June 2022, Jess Roncker presented on behalf of the UC team at the Midwest Regional Sustainability Summit on a panel entitled Revolutionary Strategies for a Climate Safe Region, alongside Oliver Kroner, Sustainability Manager for the City of Cincinnati; Margaux Roberts, Roselawn and Bond Hill Community Organizer; Savannah Sullivan, Climate Policy Director for Green Umbrella; and Kelsey Hawkins-Johnson, Community Outreach Coordinator for Groundwork Ohio River Valley.