Scientists cannot simply communicate more scientific facts to the public to improve public understanding of scientific issues. New approaches to public engagement are needed—approaches that take seriously complex issues like trust in science, political polarization, the identities and worldviews of scientists, and understanding scientific methods and social structure. The Center for Public Engagement with Science is part of the University of Cincinnati’s strategy for addressing this need.

The Center for Public Engagement with Science expands and enriches the interface between science and the public to benefit all stakeholders.

Increasing engagement with science
by connecting the university to community partners and the public

Improving quality of science engagement
by promoting dialogue among and benefit for all stakeholders

Innovating forms of science engagement
by drawing on philosophy and other humanities, natural and social sciences, and science education

Center projects include both (1) organizing campus and community events about science and (2) conducting research on the nature of public engagement with science. The Center also aims to facilitate collaborative work on and off campus, to develop interdisciplinary foundations for research and outreach, and to provide support for projects furthering this vision.