Day 1 (May 5):Day 2 (May 6):
9:30am-9:45amWelcome and Conference Goals: Melissa Jacquart & Angela PotochnikWelcome and Update: Melissa Jacquart & Angela Potochnik
9:45am-12:00pmScience Communication Talks: Asheley R. Landrum & Elissa Yancey Informal Science Education Talks: Rae Ostman, Brenda Hunda, & Brian Pollock
12:00pm-1:15pmLunch BreakLunch Break
1:15pm-3:30 pm  K-12 Science Education Talks: Michael CloughScientific Work with Communities Talks: Abby Kinchy & Jennifer Malat
3:30pm-5:00pmBreakout Session Breakout Session
   Option 1
Panel: Doing Science Communication
Panelists: Asheley R. Landrum, John Lynch, & Elissa Yancey
Option 1
Activity: Nature of Science in Informal Education Contexts: Melissa Jacquart
Option 2
Activity: Nature of Science in K-12 Science Education: Melissa Jacquart & Chris Anderson
Option 2
Panel: Experiences with conducting community-based research
Panelists: Abby Kinchy, Ken Petren, & Lisa Vaughn
5:00pm-6:30pmCommunity Reception

Day Three (May 7): will focus on future directions for public engagement and philosophy of science. This will include working group sessions on each of the four conference themes focused on the prospects for philosophy of science contributions to these activities. Each working group will develop a reference for philosophers of science interested to further develop their work in public engagement. If you are interested in participating in one of these sessions, please indicate this on the registration form.