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Support PEWS on Giving Tuesday!

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We are happy to announce that PEWS is included among the featured programs for University of Cincinnati’s upcoming Day of Giving on Giving Tuesday, November 29th. Please consider making a gift. PEWS’s page for UC’s Day of Giving is here (link).

Donations will help support the center’s growth, events about science and the public at UC and around Cincinnati, web resources about science and the public, student internships with PEWS, as well as interdisciplinary research into public engagement with science. Some specific donation opportunities with PEWS are listed here (link). This list focuses on large donations, but no donation is too small!

About PEWS

The Center for Public Engagement with Science (PEWS) is an interdisciplinary effort to foster collaborative dialogue about complex issues such as trust in science, political polarization in science acceptance, and understanding of scientific methods and social structure. PEWS trainings, programming, communications, and research bridge the university and its students to community partners and the public. 

Founded in 2017, PEWS is one of only a few academic centers nationwide working to improve public engagement with science and to study the outcomes and best practices of public engagement.  

PEWS aims to establish itself as a centralized resource for students and faculty at UC and around the world who want to communicate their research and ideas more effectively to the public. Its unique community-partnership model enables opportunities for students’ service learning and engagement beyond the classroom. PEWS takes an innovative approach to public engagement that emphasizes lived experiences and connecting with marginalized communities.  

Some of our accomplishments this year include a series of Sustainability Highlights videos featuring sustainability research at UC, events about Community Partnership for Sustainability and Careers in Public Engagement with Science, the launch of a Sustainability Graduate Fellowship program, publications and presentations related to public engagement with science by students and faculty, and funding from the National Science Foundation, Whiting Foundation for Public Humanities, and UC’s University Research Council for future initiatives.

Donate and Spread the Word

You can find PEWS’s page for UC’s Day of Giving here (link).

If you want to support PEWS’s growth, please also consider sharing information with your network and on social media about PEWS’s activities and this opportunity to donate.

If you want, let us know you’ve donated (, so we can thank you!

The url to the PEWS Day of Giving page is:

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