For UC Researchers and Faculty

UC Faculty Affiliates

PEWS Faculty Affiliates anchor the PEWS network across the University of Cincinnati and guide its activities. UC faculty (of any rank; educator, visiting, tenure-track, or administrative; in any college) may be invited to join as a Faculty Affiliate or can request affiliation.  

PEWS Faculty Affiliates should engage in research, teaching, and/or outreach related broadly to public engagement with science. Faculty Affiliates are asked to be involved in PEWS in several ways, outlined below. Affiliations are reviewed by PEWS leadership approximately every two years to ensure the relationship is working as intended.  

PEWS asks that each Faculty Affiliate:  

  • Attend twice-yearly center-planning events and provide input and feedback about center development 
  • Participate in a planning, organizational, or leading role in at least one PEWS project every two years 
  • Discuss with PEWS leadership the possibility of PEWS co-sponsorship/branding of any projects that have a focus aligned with PEWS 
  • Serve as point of contact for PEWS in their department and college, including sharing information about grant broader impact consultation, student opportunities, events, and more 
  • Share their relevant activities, updates, and resources with PEWS for PEWS to promote    
  • Support PEWS connections to their collaborators and community partners when relevant   

 PEWS can support each Faculty Affiliate:  

  • Publicizing their activities and events to campus and public audiences 
  • Making connections useful for their activities via the PEWS network on and off campus   
  • Supporting their activities and/or their students with PEWS resources or grant collaborations   
  • Videoing, live streaming, producing, and hosting online videos of their public engagement and sustainability events 
  • Opportunities for them or their students to publish PEWS News pieces featured on the PEWS website and sent to the PEWS mailing list

Email to express interest in becoming a Faculty Affiliate.

Broader Impacts Partner

PEWS partners with UC researchers on their grants, especially for broader impacts on NSF grants. We are happy to discuss how we can help support researchers’ robust broader impact plans. Examples of what this might involve include training graduate students in public engagement, offering public engagement training at planned conferences, disseminating outreach products to community partners and the public, and developing community partnerships for co-created outreach initiatives. 

Here is a flyer with more information: PEWS Broader Impacts Menu. Please email to discuss possible collaboration.

Other ways to get involved

MS Teams: We use Microsoft Teams as our primary collaboration tool. Any member of the UC community interested to get more involved with PEWS is welcome to join our Team.  

R&D Group: Researchers interested in public engagement with science are welcome to get involved with the interdisciplinary PEWS ‘R&D’ (research and discussion) group that meets weekly through the academic year. See the Research and Discussion Group channel in MS Teams for recent topics and meeting announcements.