We are excited to share our PEWS developed resources with you:

Resources for K-12 education, science communications, community science and others

Publications, posters, video talks developed by PEWS students, faculty and staff

Tips for leading and participating in outreach activities

Outreach Resources

Science communication projects:

Sustainability Series:
PEWs sustainability initiative strives to highlight research, build community partnerships and host events related to sustainability.

K-12 Projects

Outreach through UC’s Department of Geology:
Geology graduate students and faculty at UC are interested to partner with local schools to bring scientific research directly to students through presentations and activities based on their research.

Local Cincinnati Fossil Guide:
Students (Andrea Corpolongo, Jonathan Kanzelmeyer and Matthew Stonecash) in the Public Engagement with Science Graduate Course in Spring 2020 partnered with the UC Field Station to create a science kit focused on local fossils.

Research Projects


Roles for philosophers of science in public engagement with science
By: Melissa Jacquart, Angela Potochnik, Collin Lucken and Tim Elmo Feiten
Presented at the Philosophy of Science 2021 Meeting

Cultivating community relationships for philosophers high impact practices
By: Andrew Evans, Amanda Corris, Melissa Jacquart and Angela Potochnik
Presented at the Philosophy of Science 2021 Meeting

A framework for public engagement with science
By: Mark Chalmers
Presented at the American Library Association’s (ALA) Association for College & Research Libraries (ACRL) Spring 2021 Conference


Divergence of values and goals in participatory research:
By: Lucas Dunlap, Amanda Corris, Melissa Jacquart, Zvi Biener, and Angela Potochnik
Click here for the preprint

Theorizing Participatory Research
By: Andrew Evans and Angela Potochnik
Click here for the preprint

Guidance for Outreach

Workshop on Public Engagement with Science:
PEWS developed video series that discusses public engagement with science in different settings.

Community Partnership for Sustainability:
PEWS hosted community leaders for a discussion about sustainability in the Greater Cincinnati region.

Careers in Public Engagement with Science:
PEWS hosted a career panel and Q&A session of community leaders that have careers in public engagement with science.