Local Students Visit UC

PEWS is excited to help plug University of Cincinnati faculty and graduate students into local schools for outreach. PEWS is working to connect local schools with researchers at UC. Events include local elementary students visiting UC, and UC faculty and graduate students visiting local schools.

For example, in March 2023, PEWS organized a day-long visit to University of Cincinnati for 5th grade students from a local elementary school in Cincinnati. This event allowed for students to visit a college campus and get to experience what college has to offer. The goal of this visit was to allow students to get a taste of what college has to offer, in particular UC, before they are asked to make decisions about which high school to attend.

Students who participated in this trip attend the Clifton Area Neighborhood School, or CANS, a school ran by the Cincinnati Public Schools and is located near UC’s main campus. The 5th grade students visited the Biology Department to discuss biodiversity, visited the Center for Inclusive Excellence & Community Engagement and ended the day with lunch and walk around campus with the Office of Admissions’ Community Outreach, Access & Diversity Team.

PEWS is looking forward to continuing to host events for local schools!