Graduate students and faculty at University of Cincinnati‘s Department of Geology are excited to share their research and increase engagement with the Cincinnati community. In particular, Geology graduate students are looking to build partnerships with local schools by bringing their research experiences directly to the classroom.

Participating graduate students and professors have developed presentations and activities designed for students in grades ranging from elementary to high school. Each presentation focuses on a specific topic in the presenter’s area of research expertise and can be adapted for in-person or virtual meetings. Descriptions of the presentations and contact information for each of the presenters can be found on the Earth Science Outreach Program Greater Cincinnati Program website. Each presentation can be tailored to fit the needs of specific curricula and classes.

Several of the graduate student presenters, including Emily Simpson, Meg Corcoran, Andrea Corpolongo and Zeke King Phillips, have been involved with the Center for Public Engagement with Science. Additionally, Brooke Crowley is a PEWS Faculty Affiliate.

Members of the Department of Geology at UC have really enjoyed the presentations they’ve made over the past few years in Greater Cincinnati classrooms, and they look forward to engaging more with Cincinnati communities.

More information can be found here.

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