PEWS Hosts Postdocs

This week is National Postdoc Appreciation Week! Here at PEWS, we are excited to share a little about what our current postdoctoral fellow is up to, and to let you know that PEWS prioritizes hosting postdocs. The PEWS model of operations is to further our mission of conducting, teaching, and researching public engagement with science … Continue reading PEWS Hosts Postdocs

Research to Action Panel Discussion – September 15

On Thursday, September 15, join UC's Center for Public Engagement with Science for a panel discussion about how research from a range of disciplines can lead to community change, policy, and other tangible outcomes.

(More) Eyes on the Skies: The Cincinnati Astronomical Society

Recently, the Dry Dredgers shared how they started in Cincinnati from a group of science enthusiasts. They were not the first; they were actually inspired by the founding of the Cincinnati Astronomical Society (CAS). This #FlashbackFriday, UC alum and CAS President, Bryan Simpson, told how a group of locals who were interested in space came together to start CAS.  Early Interest In 1843, … Continue reading (More) Eyes on the Skies: The Cincinnati Astronomical Society

Sarah Richardson, The Maternal Imprint

Join us for our Science and Nature Lecture featuring Professor Sarah Richardson. This program is in person at the Mercantile Library, and also available virtually via Crowdcast. DateSep 9, 2021Time6 - 8 pm EDTLocationMercantile Library and online via Crowdcast Sarah Richardson is Professor of the History of Science and of Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality … Continue reading Sarah Richardson, The Maternal Imprint

Divergence of values and goals in participatory research

One of PEWS's continuing activities is an interdisciplinary 'R&D' (research and discussion) group. We're proud to announce that some of the members of that group have coauthored an article in Studies in History and Philosophy of Science that's now available online. The article, "Divergence of values and goals in participatory research," suggests that existing schemes for categorizing types of participatory research should be updated to reflect the relationship participants' goals bear to those of the researchers, a relationship that is significant for the value of the public participation in the research and of the research itself. The paper's authors are Lucas Dunlap, Amanda Corris, Melissa Jacquart, Zvi Biener, and Angela Potochnik. You can access the article at this link (freely available until September 2!)

The Sea in the Statehouse

Fossils can be found in rocks throughout Ohio, but have you ever thought to look in the walls of buildings? Mark Peter, a paleontologist for the Ohio Geological Survey, encourages people to do just that. Geological Outreach Mark has been interested in fossils, especially those of crinoids and trilobites, since his youth. He attended his … Continue reading The Sea in the Statehouse

Affiliate Spotlight: Dr. Melinda Butsch Kovacic

This week, we had the privilege of speaking with Dr. Melinda Butsch Kovacic about her public health research and work in the community. Dr. Butsch Kovacic is an Associate Dean of the University Of Cincinnati College of Allied Health Sciences and also has an appointment in the Division of Asthma Research at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.  Inspiring a Change in Focus  Dr. Butsch Kovacic is a cross trained as a basic scientist … Continue reading Affiliate Spotlight: Dr. Melinda Butsch Kovacic

Student Community Psychologists in Action

A few weeks ago, we heard about Dr. Carlie Trott’s research in community psychology. As a community psychologist, Dr. Trott uses community-based and participatory-action research to engage marginalized groups in science and empower communities, especially students, to solve environmental issues.  During the spring semester, she taught from her experiences in PSYC 7006, Community Engaged Research, … Continue reading Student Community Psychologists in Action