The Sea in the Statehouse

Fossils can be found in rocks throughout Ohio, but have you ever thought to look in the walls of buildings? Mark Peter, a paleontologist for the Ohio Geological Survey, encourages people to do just that. Geological Outreach Mark has been interested in fossils, especially those of crinoids and trilobites, since his youth. He attended his … Continue reading The Sea in the Statehouse

Affiliate Spotlight: Dr. Arnie Miller

Dr. Arnie Miller This week, we highlight the work of Dr. Arnie Miller. Dr. Miller is an Advisory Board member of the UC Center for Public Engagement with Science, as well as Professor Emeritus, former Head of the UC Geology Department, and former Senior Associate Dean of the UC College of Arts and Sciences.   Dr. Miller is an evolutionary paleontologist and paleoecologist. His research has focused on mass extinctions and … Continue reading Affiliate Spotlight: Dr. Arnie Miller