Research Presentation

In April, Angela Potochnik and Melissa Jacquart (Center Director and Associate Director) presented in-progress research at an online event, “Doing Science in a Pluralistic Society,” organized by the Philosophy Department at the University of Dayton. They discussed a current project of the Socially Engaged Philosophy of Science (SEPOS) Research Group, “Divergence of Values and Goals in Participatory Research.” This is a collaborative research project by Lucas Dunlap, Zvi Biener, Amanda Corris, as well as Potochnik and Jacquart.

You can view Potochnik and Jacquart’s remote presentation here (link). See here (link) for more about the Dayton event, including access to the other presentations.

University of Dayton Colloquium Moved Online

The Doing Science in a Pluralistic Society Colloquium at the University of Dayton will now take place online. The new dates for the colloquium are April 17 and 24. This should be a really interesting event which tackles the question: If science is to serve humanity, how can that be done given the vast diversity that exists among people and cultures? On April 24 Center Director Angela Potochnik and Center Post-Doc Melissa Jacquart will give a presentation on “Divergence of Values and Goals in Participatory Research.” For more information about the colloquium and how to access the online sessions please visit this website.