The Sea in the Statehouse

Fossils can be found in rocks throughout Ohio, but have you ever thought to look in the walls of buildings? Mark Peter, a paleontologist for the Ohio Geological Survey, encourages people to do just that. Geological Outreach Mark has been interested in fossils, especially those of crinoids and trilobites, since his youth. He attended his … Continue reading The Sea in the Statehouse

Affiliate Spotlight: Dr. Melinda Butsch Kovacic

This week, we had the privilege of speaking with Dr. Melinda Butsch Kovacic about her public health research and work in the community. Dr. Butsch Kovacic is an Associate Dean of the University Of Cincinnati College of Allied Health Sciences and also has an appointment in the Division of Asthma Research at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.  Inspiring a Change in Focus  Dr. Butsch Kovacic is a cross trained as a basic scientist … Continue reading Affiliate Spotlight: Dr. Melinda Butsch Kovacic

Vaccine Hesitancy with Dr. Maya J. Goldenberg

Did you miss Dr. Goldenberg's talk about her research and book on vaccine hesitancy this week? You can still hear it here, hosted by the Mercantile Library. Dr. Goldenberg stressed the ways that doctors and scientists can change their language, listen to and address concerns, and consider the wide variety of reasons that individuals may … Continue reading Vaccine Hesitancy with Dr. Maya J. Goldenberg

Welcome Dr. Ryan Feigenbaum

We are excited to welcome Dr. Ryan Feigenbaum as the Center for Public Engagement with Science’s new Program Director. Dr. Feigenbaum will also serve as the new Executive Director of the Philosophy of Science Association (see PSA announcement here). He combines experience in digital media, web development, and digital humanities with expertise in the history … Continue reading Welcome Dr. Ryan Feigenbaum