We are excited to announce the launch of the Center for Public Engagement with Science donation page! Please consider making a gift to PEWS. Donations will help support student internships with PEWS, local Cincinnati events about science, and interdisciplinary research into effective public engagement with science.

PEWS started less than five years ago and has quickly become a leader in conducting and improving the quality of public engagement with science. Over the past five years, we have developed a strong network of participation across University of Cincinnati, including:

PEWS has also been active in the Greater Cincinnati community. Since 2017, we have:

We have also received funding from the National Science Foundation, UC College of Arts & Sciences, TAFT Research Center, and UC Office of Research. PEWS has even been mentioned in the journal Nature as a leading resource in counteracting science denial.

We appreciate your support for PEWs. We are excited to continue to grow in the upcoming year.

Thank you for giving.