PEWs Faculty Affiliate Carlie Trott has collaborated with community partners to conduct research into the vulnerability of Cincinnati’s communities to climate change.

The newly released Cincinnati Climate Equity Indicators Report was produced in collaboration with the Cincinnati Office of Environment and Sustainability, Green Umbrella Regional Sustainability Alliance, Groundwork Ohio River Valley, University of Cincinnati and Cincinnati Climate Equity Steering Committee Members. This report includes details on the climate crisis, specifically the role climate risk factors play in the Cincinnati community.

Here’s how the Cincinnati Office of Environment and Sustainability website summarizes the report:

“The climate crisis acts like a risk multiplier, exploiting vulnerabilities and making existing problems worse. This report highlights key climate risks, and the geographic, social, and economic factors that should be considered in assessing vulnerability. This analysis will help the City and community partners develop strategies to build a more sustainable, equitable, and resilient future.”

Read the full Climate Equity Indicators Report here.