UPDATE: Due to inclement weather, the geoscience event at Trammel Fossil is postponed until 4/23/22

The joint North-Central and Southeastern Geological Society of America 2022 Section Meeting is being held in Cincinnati from April 7th to 9th. This event will bring hundreds of geologists to the city to discuss new science research and is sponsored by University of Cincinnati and other local universities. As part of this meeting, there are a few events targeted for the Cincinnati community. The first, “Directions in Geosciences Research and Careers”, is a virtual event for high school students to discuss and ask questions about geology careers and research with local scientists. Second, there will be a “Geoscience in the Park” event open to the public to learn about local Cincinnati geological history with the chance to look for fossils. See details below for both events.

Directions in Geosciences Research and Careers

Friday, April 8 2022: 10:30am – 12:00pm

Faculty, graduate students, and geoscience professionals will meet with high school students to discuss geoscience research and careers in a virtual open house event called “Directions in Geosciences Research and Careers,” which will be streamed via Zoom.

This event is designed to give high school students a glimpse into the possibilities within the geoscience field. There will be research lightning talks where undergraduate, graduate students and scientists will give a three minute presentation on their research. There will also be a virtual form for prospective high school students to ask questions about academics, research and geoscience careers with panel of scientists. Participants will include current professional geologists working in the public sector, industry, and academia. Each of these activities will give students a chance to interact with students, faculty, and staff at local universities to learn about the geosciences and research that is happening at institutions in the area. In addition to learning about research and careers in the field, students will have the opportunity to ask students and admissions officers questions about the college application process, student experience on campus, and life beyond undergrad.

If you are a teacher interested in learning more and participating in this event with your students please email Meg Corcoran at corcormc@mail.uc.edu or Zeke King Phillips at kingphej@mail.uc.edu.

Geosciences in the Park

Saturday, April 9th 2022

This event is free to the Cincinnati community.

Attendees will meet with local experts to discuss the geology of the Cincinnati metro area. At Eden Park, guests will learn about the region’s topography, landscape evolution, and pressing natural hazards resulting from the terrain. At Trammel Fossil Park, guests will interact with some of the area’s most famous fossils.

Trammel Fossil Park. From the City of
Sharonville website

Trammel Fossil Park (10am- 2pm): Around 450 million year ago, a vast inland sea covered the land that is now home to Trammel Fossil Park, part of the city of Sharonville. As a result, fossils of the animals that lived there now wash out of the hills all around this park. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear about the history of Trammel Fossil Park, and to dig for fossils of their own to take home. Local experts in the paleontology of the area will be onsite to answer questions and help identify any fossil finds. Attendees can meet in the Trammel Fossil Park parking lot located at 11989 Tramway Dr., Sharonville, OH 45241.

Eden Park (10am -12pm): Home to the Cincinnati Art Museum, Playhouse in the Park, and the Krohn Conservatory, Eden Park has a wide variety of attractions to offer. Above all, the views from the overlooks are among the most beautiful in the city, and provide an excellent view of the surrounding landscape. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from local experts from the Ohio Geologic Survey about the development of the region’s famous hills and valley, as well as the natural hazards that result from the topography. Attendees will meet at Spencer Overlook located at Cliff Dr., Cincinnati, OH 45202.

Contact Meg Corcoran at corcormc@mail.uc.edu or Zeke King Phillips at kingphej@mail.uc.edu with questions and for more information.