Announcing the Sustainability Highlights Interview Series

The Center for the Public Engagement with Science has launched an interview series highlighting sustainability research happening at the University of Cincinnati, as part of its sustainability initiative funded by Research 2030 of UC’s Office of Research. You can view the first three interviews of this series on the Center’s Youtube channel and on the Sustainability page of the PEWS website. These videos feature:

Dr. James Mack, Professor of Chemistry and Associate Dean of the Division of Natural Sciences, is a specialist in mechanical chemistry, which reduces the need for chemical solvents, potentially reducing waste from large chemical industries like the pharmaceutical industry.

Dr. Angela Potochnik, Director of PEWS and Professor of Philosophy, researches philosophy of science and philosophy of biology and leads the PEWS sustainability initiative.

Dr. Patrick Ray, Assistant Professor of Environmental Engineering, is a specialist in the development and application of water resource systems. He works with organizations like the World Bank, the United Nations, and the Army Corps of Engineers to evaluate the sustainability and resilience of water resource systems in high water stress areas globally.

Keep an eye out for the remaining videos in this series, featuring Dr. Carlie Trott, Assistant Professor of Community Psychology, Dr. Andrew Bernier, Visiting Assistant Professor of Sustainability Education, and Dr. Abel Gustafson, Assistant Professor of Science Communication. These videos will be posted over the next two weeks to the PEWS website and the Youtube channel. Follow PEWS on Twitter and Facebook to see and share announcements for each video!

Please also remember to register for the PEWS Community Partnership for Sustainability Event coming up on Friday April 15.