UC Engagement with Local K-12 Educators: Sustainability Education for Urban Solutions Focus Group

The School of Education at the University of Cincinnati is exploring how to best serve local K-12 formal and community educators in the rapidly growing field of sustainability education.


Who: K-12 educators (formal, informal) interested in sustainability education.

What: Focus group to explore work, needs, and interests regarding sustainability education and how UC can support local educators.

When: Monday, August 29th, 4 – 6 pm

Where: UC Main Campus, School of Education. Room location shared with invitation acceptance.

Description: We are inviting K-12 educators of all types to come together and share what they are planning and working on and how best to support what they need to make learning projects happen. UC would like to share and get feedback on proposed sustainability education programs to support the work of local teachers in schools and community organizations. Topics discussed will include what the culture of sustainability within education means, what topics and competencies are leading the field, and unique instructional methods to best facilitate effective sustainability education, with a focus on urban settings.

Focus group objectives

Immediate objectives:

  • Connect educators with each other and community sustainability efforts.
  • Share developments for sustainability education at UC and receive feedback for program development.
  • Identify how UC can support local educators and community initiatives for sustainability education outcomes.

Longer-term objectives:

  • Ensure that sustainability competencies taught at UC meet the needs of the Cincinnati area educators and greater community.
  • Identify and develop instructional methods that most effectively increase student sustainability competence for stronger project, problem, and place-based learning for sustainability solutions.
  • Develop and/or modify credentialing programs (e.g. degrees, certificates) to better meet the demand and interests of in-service and pre-service teachers and informal community educators.
  • Construct faculty and community sustainability learning projects that foster collaborative and mutually beneficial outcomes.

If you are interested in participating in the session, please fill out a quick invitation form by clicking on the link below:

University of Cincinnati Engagement with K-12 Educators: Sustainability for Urban Solutions

If you have any questions, please reach out to Andrew Bernier, PhD, Visiting Assistant Professor, UC School of Education at berniean@ucmail.uc.edu.

Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

This work is supported by the Office of Innovation and Community Partnerships in the UC College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services and the UC Center for Public Engagement with Science.