How Science Works course

A graph maps the movements of butterflies

Have you ever wondered how scientists reach conclusions about climate change? What about how to decide one medicine is more effective than another? Have you ever considered what sorts of methods scientists use to reach these conclusions, and how they decide on those methods?

Questions like these are at the core of How Science Works, an undergraduate course offered by the Philosophy Department at the University of Cincinnati. Associated with the Center for Public Engagement with Science, this course satisfies natural sciences and quantitative reasoning general education requirements. Science majors, business majors, and majors from all across the university engage with the nature of scientific methods and scientific reasoning and ask deep questions about science and its relationship to our daily life. How Science Works is being offered online this semester. Going forward, each academic year online and in-person sessions will be offered. This unique experience is just one way that the Center for Public Engagement with Science is reaching out to the UC community (and beyond), making meaningful and productive connections.