Phil 1032: How Science Works

As fall semester nears, we want to highlight How Science Works, an undergraduate course at the University of Cincinnati. This course is offered by the philosophy department, and it satisfies natural sciences and quantitative reasoning general education requirements (NS and QR BOKs, in UC lingo). The course also is an opportunity for more science-focused students to engage explicitly with the methodology of science, with examples from across fields of science and historical epochs.

Promotional image for the course “How Science Works,” which is taught at UC every semester

How Science Works is offered every semester, typically in person in fall semesters and online in spring semesters. This fall, there is a fully online section without any required meetings, as well as a section with some meetings that are planned to occur in person if circumstances allow.

Please consider finding room in your schedule for this course if you are an undergraduate student at UC, and others at UC: please encourage students who would benefit from this course to enroll—whether this semester or a future semester.

For more information, see the course page (link) on the Center website.