Samanthan Finkelstein: Science Outreach for Social Impact

Promotional image for Dr.Finkelstein’s talk on Science outreach for social impact

Join us (virtually) on Friday, October 23, for a talk by Samantha Finkelstein:

Science Outreach for Social Impact

Practical lessons from experience design, pedagogy, and social justice

This virtual presentation is taking place in the middle of a pandemic while school children around the country are Zooming into their classrooms – there is no better time to talk about opportunities to break some unquestioned classroom norms. This talk is about designing meaningful outreach, and how to think about what meaningful means for you and – more importantly – for the people you’re engaging with. I want to share a few real life examples of creative and powerful outreach programs at different scales that can inspire your own designs, and talk through some frameworks you can use to bring your ideas to life.

Samantha Finkelstein earned her PhD from Carnegie Mellon’s Human-Computer Interaction program in 2017. She has focused much of her work on supporting the needs of marginalized communities, especially youth. She’s spent time in classrooms, and worked on projects that involved web interfaces, conversational agents, mobile platforms, and immersive and augmented virtual reality systems.

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