Organized by the University of Cincinnati Center for Public Engagement with Science

Sponsored by the National Science Foundation (PI: Melissa Jacquart; co-PI: Angela Potochnik), cosponsored by the UC Taft Research Center, Philosophy Department, and College of Arts and Sciences, and by the Philosophy of Science Association 


🌐 Online

📅 April 30, May 7, May 14

Registration is free and open until April 23



Public engagement with science involves more than simply scientists explaining scientific facts to the public. Approaches to public engagement must address complex issues like trust in science, political polarization, and understanding science’s methods and social structure. This interdisciplinary workshop brings together academics and practitioners to develop theoretical and practical resources for public outreach and engagement about science. The aims are to (1) develop connections between philosophy of science and other disciplines with expertise in public engagement and (2) identify and help develop distinctive roles for philosophers of science in the interdisciplinary project of engaging the public with science. The workshop’s themes are science communication, formal and informal science education, and scientific work with communities. 


This workshop will take place entirely online and will consist of both asynchronous and synchronous content.   

  • Asynchronous content: Keynote talks will be delivered as asynchronous pre-recorded talks and will be made available to registrants in early April.   
  • Synchronous content: Live workshop content (see below) will take place online in Zoom. To facilitate both asynchronous and synchronous discussions, the workshop will also have a Slack Community. Access to the workshop’s Slack Community and Zoom links will be made available to registrants in early April.   
  • Post Workshop Content: All asynchronous keynote talks and most synchronous content will be recorded and posted online at the conclusion of the workshop on the Center for Public Engagement with Science YouTube page. 

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