Community Partnerships for Sustainability Video

On Friday April 15, the Center for Public Engagement with Science hosted the Community Partnership for Sustainability event to highlight the efforts of local organizations working on issues of sustainability.

Presenters included Oliver Kroner from the City of Cincinnati’s Office of Environment and Sustainability; Connie O’Connor, Education Director for the Cincinnati Nature Center; Melinda Kruyer, Executive Director of Confluence; Kelsey Hawkins-Johnson, Community Outreach Coordinator for Groundwork Ohio River Valley; and Ryan Mooney-Bullock, Executive Director of Green Umbrella. Attendees gathered virtually to hear about each organization’s current projects and opportunities for collaboration.

Attendees also had the opportunity to speak to each presenter individually to ask questions about their respective projects and the potential for future partnerships. The event culminated in an in-person reception on Friday afternoon.

A recording of the virtual panel is available now on the PEWS Youtube channel and the Sustainability page of the PEWS website.

Attendees gathered in Probasco Auditorium for the in-person reception to discuss the presentations and opportunities for collaboration.